Mission & Vision

Rally Call Ministries has been raised up in these final days as a forerunner ministry. For many years, Bob Long has been teaching and modeling ministry and church life with an emphasis on the Kingdom of God and God’s prophetic purposes for THE Church. Rally Call was born out of a burning desire to see every believer and every local church aflame with a sense of destiny and calling. Out of relationships formed by the Holy Spirit, Rally Call works to release the local church into fullness and freedom in prophetic worship, strategic intercession, and leadership training, while imparting and releasing the gifts of the Holy Ghost and an understanding of five-fold ministry as described in Ephesians 4:11.

God is bringing His Church into full restoration and prophetic preparation in order to one day return to receive unto Himself a spotless, perfected Bride. The church is destined to be a victorious church, prevailing over the forces of the kingdom of darkness and releasing the knowledge and glory of God to every tribe and tongue before the return of the Lord. The heart of Rally Call is to see EVERY local church and, therefore, THE church, openly displaying the glory and power and nature of God. The unbelieving and the unlearned will encounter the Lord Jesus Christ as we enthrone him upon radical worship in our meetings, giving room for Him to freely move and release His authority in our midst. As every local church comes to understand the New Testament pattern demonstrated at Antioch, there will be radical changes in the way we “have church” and in the way we live our lives these days. God is calling us to seek first a Kingdom vision in our lives and ministries. As the church also embraces the restoration of Apostles and Prophets, we will see and are seeing these ministries leading the church back to an emphasis on Davidic worship that focuses on ministering to the Lord. The apostolic and prophetic will lead us back to team concepts of ministry leadership rather than a senior pastor only concept. In addition, all five of the Ephesians 4:11 ministries are becoming active in local church life, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are openly being displayed, while apostolic teams comprised of transcultural and transgenerational leaders are being raised up and sent out. Rally Call is not only a voice for these strategic issues but also a vehicle to bring them forth in your life and ministry.