Founder & Covering

In the New Testament, we see Ephesians 4 leaders travelling and ministering in teams. These teams were formed by the direction of the Holy Spirit and by personal relationships. The Apostle Paul was not only accountable to the apostles in Jerusalem (those “over” him) but also to those who ministered alongside him day to day (those “beside” him). We even see accountability to the church Paul was an apostolic father and overseer of (those “under” him). These same levels of relationships in ministry all serve as layers of accountability for Rally Call and its leadership.

Bob Long, Apostolic Founder of Rally Call

Bob Long is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute and has over twenty years of fruitful ministry experience. He is an apostolic voice who desires to see the Church restored, reformed and matured into fullness. Traveling and ministering in many churches and nations, Bob passionately stirs calling and imparts vision. He releases a fresh sense of destiny and purpose to both local churches and to individual believers. Deep apostolic revelation flows freely out of his teaching gift, bringing direction, clarity and encouragement especially concerning the themes of the Kingdom of God and The Church.
Bob is the founder and overseer of Rally Call Ministries and Rally Call Center in Austin, Texas. He is committed to being a spiritual father to the next generation of Ephesians 4 leaders through true apostolic relationships, training and impartation. The primary vehicle for leadership training is expressed through Rally Call Institute, a multi-faceted apostolic School of the Spirit in Austin. Bob also serves on the Apostolic Leadership Team of the Federation of Ministers and Churches International, a relational apostolic network of over 50 ministries and churches around the world. Bob and his wife, Leslie, reside in San Marcos, Texas and are the proud parents of two daughters and four grandchildren.

Federation of Ministers and Churches
The Federation of Ministers and Churches is a mature apostolic network providing oversight, input, and accountability to the Rally Call team. The covering is based upon the long-term relationship Bob has had with the leadership of FMCI.