Our Worldview


There is a passion in us at Rally Call to truly be a vehicle for reformation in today’s Church. God’s purpose for His people is that they “occupy” the earth (Luke 19:13) until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Occupy comes from the Greek word pragmategthe, meaning “be busy doing business, negotiating and trading with the resources you have”. This tells us that the purpose of God for THE Church is to be busy gaining and increasing in the earth — not declining! It is also part of the root word for our English word, pragmatic. So Jesus is admonishing His followers to be busy gaining and advancing (not declining) in their given trade of making disciples of the nations of the earth!

The biblical perspective is simply that the God of creation sovereignly and supremely rules over the entire cosmos, both the visible and the invisible. This rulership of God is called His Kingdom. Isaiah 9 states that of “the increase of His government and kingdom there shall be no end”. This again declares the reality of God’s authority over every sphere and arena of human existence and experience.

Our worldview, that is, the way we see the world, is that everything that exists was created by God and is therefore subject to Him, defined by Him and finds its meaning in Him.

Out of this, we reason it is our duty and our privilege to express His authority and nature in every sphere and arena of human existence and culture. (Eph. 3:10) Therefore, this ministry is dedicated to inspiring, equipping and mobilizing Christians to invade and engage the culture around them! We foresee a complete reformation of the Church, breaking it free from escapism and individualism. We see a new generation of passionate artists and athletes, musicians and mathmeticians, journalists and judges, builders and bankers, presidents and plumbers, lawmakers and law enforcers, who will be “occupying” by bringing God’s precepts and presence into every part of life in every part of the earth until He returns!