Rally Call Reformation Assignments!

Dear fellow Reformers:

I want to update you about some very positive developments and some very strategic needs in this hour.  Statistics from professional email services tell us that only 1 out of 3 emails from organizations get opened even when it’s a list they have subscribed themselves to.  Hopefully, this email will beat those statistics!  Technology is a beautiful thing but all of us do indeed get overwhelmed, even by the very info we have requested!  It is not going to change, so we must adjust. We must stay in constant communication.  I encourage you to find my personal Facebook page !


These are dramatic times we are living in and we must refuse the temptation to disconnect or step away.  We need spiritual Sabbaths of rest and refreshing more than ever to refresh ourselves in the revelation of God’s Father-heart for us and in the joy of His manifest presence. Stepping back is not the same as stepping away.  It is our Call and our Destiny that we find ourselves alive at this very moment in time and history.  Accidents do not happen in God’s loving, authoritative rule over all creation. (Ps.24) The fact that you are alive in this present generation on planet Earth means YOU have a God ordained destiny to live out. YOU are no accident!  What encouragement and security ! What a challenge and a Call.  God IS with you mighty man, mighty woman of God, God IS with you.  I bless you in your identity today.  I bless you in your calling today.  I bless you in your destiny today. I bless you in your Kingdom passion today. I bless you in your steadfastness today.  Lets serve Him together in reforming The Church, restoring America and transforming the nations! We are a part of History, a part of something dramatic, difficult and demanding yet comes from the throne of God and propels us into a move of God in the Earth that is bigger than we are.  What is going on around you is bigger than you. It is bigger than me.   It is His Kingdom confronting EVERY other Kingdom in this hour in unprecedented ways.  You have been chosen dear one, you have been chosen by Him for this hour.

RALLY CALL MINISTRIES –Two aspects of ministry that demand new levels of response! .

1. Texas Capitol Complex

God continues to slowly grow my involvement and influence among leaders and staffers around the Texas Capitol Complex.  It is very difficult to write about such things as the purity of real relationships is only maintained by trust and not fearing exploitation that people who work in or for government must have.  I cannot spend time in prayer with someone and then write about them in a newsletter! At the same time, I cannot ignore the Kingdom potential and deep need for  this dimension of apostolic ministry to take place. All I know to do is pray and then try to share enough with you that you understand  so that God can speak to you about truly partnering with me financially so I can more fully answer this call!  The goal is to not sound secretive NOR exploiting the relationships, NOR not ever overstate or exaggerate.

Presently, I am giving input to a group of Bible Study LEADERS, who meet together monthly.  Then we bring the study groups ( from the Capitol and  State Agencies) together once a quarter for fellowship and connection.  I am a regular part of that, relate and have input there as well.   There is ALSO a quarterly outreach meeting the group does as a part of the Texas Capitol Fellowship. I now serve and function as an “elder” to TCF.  There is a good chance I will soon be leading a study in the Capitol or around the complex. I already attend one of them and am now in these additional monthly and quarterly meetings and if I  lead a new study that will be additional time! There are also a number of Christians I know quite well who are staff  members for Christian House or Senate members and I visit those offices regularly to just be available as a mentor or pastor figure. One of the newly elected Christian State Reps and I regularly pray together.  I can tell you God has put some true Bible believing committed Christians in office. There is a whole new generation of them !  The point is that the number of meetings, relationships, individuals and groups that I am pouring into is growing!

Rally Call recently received a miraculous offer for financial help to sponsor a table of 10 at the NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER -STATE BREAKFAST.( http://www.ndpaustin.org/events ) This is a $300-500 expense and quite frankly I never even think of sponsoring a table but always do attend. Thanks to a miracle from God, we will be sponsoring a table for 10 and I have three State Representatives who have given me their RSVP.  This all happened in one day !  The State Breakfast is about prayer and calling a nation and our State back to God and is wonderfully and overtly Christian.  What a great opportunity to immerse and encourage these Leaders  in more Christian vision and passion for God!  I am flowing in uncharted waters as I respond to this Call.

I don’t promote Rally Call in those settings, I don’t lobby, I simply flow in the apostolic gifting and anointing God has allowed me. I NEED YOUR HELP TO BE AN APOSTOLIC MISSIONARY TO THE CAPITOL.  It costs money to get there, to be there, to minister there and it costs TIME!  Time that quite frankly could be spent developing ministries or events that would bring in funds to the ministry but as the Lord opens the doors in the governmental, I must GO, even if it costs money!  I know you agree. THIS is Reformation Saints, THIS is Reformation !

CUBA- a real revolution

As you know, we have been ministering and traveling to Cuba for 10 years!  For the last 5  years, I have given myself to the outlawed Apostolic Reformation movement which has been targeted by the Castro  regime for crackdown and persecution.  ( See smuggled video of Communist Party official stating this here :http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristianSolidarity Many of you know that one of the main leaders, Omar Gude, a spiritual son to me, was imprisoned on false charges 2 ½ years ago.  He has now been released !  Thank YOU Lord!  His family has suffered tremendously and we have been graced to maintain constant communication with them throughout the time.  Omar has now been released BUT has been told he cannot preach.  He is on a very limited “parole” and remains a target.  Rally Call has been able to give, go and provide this family AND the Movement with financial support way beyond the natural financial means that a ministry our size would normally be capable of ! God is God and He IS a miracle working God. NOW, the movement is at a crossroads, the nation is at a crossroads and Cuba itself is on the verge of collapse.  There is fear of it closing to outsiders in spite of the need tourist dollars.  Recently the Obama administration changed one main US law about Cuba.  It is NOW legal for U.S.  ministries and organizations to raise money in the U.S. specifically for the support of “religious activity” in Cuba!  This is huge as it previously was actually illegal for me to appeal for funds to directly support Cuban Christians but now we can, so please hear my heart.!  My life has never been the same since the night I was asked to help ” father this movement” in Cuba.  We are readying a team NOW to travel in. The cost for a two man team to travel round trip, stay for 8 or 9 days, to give some substantial monies to the two main leaders we are in covenant with and to buy food, gasoline and lodging is about $5,500. We need help in underwriting these trips AND the Cuban Apostolic Reformation movement ! This ongoing assignment is yet again, uncharted waters!   Will you help us sustain a movement of spiritual liberty in Cuba?

The Marxist leaders are targeting the Apostolic because the spirit of anti-Christ in them recognized the revelation of The King in the movement and its influence upon THE Church in Cuba! What an honor to father and support the leaders. Will you cover us in prayer?  Please know!-the issue of intercessory covering has never been more important to us and for us.

Will you join us by sowing YOUR support into the Apostolic call upon Rally Call and upon me??  Will you pray and ask the Lord if you should be sowing something generous every month into Rally Call and the Apostolic Reformation we release everywhere we are assigned?  ONLY people with an apostolic spirit and prophetic understanding decide to consistently support the forerunners and the apostles.  YOU are one of those or you wouldn’t be a subscriber to this list! God bless you for that ! Can we count on you?  Will you propel Kingdom government to the spiritual front lines to confront and release Reformation ?   Religious folks aren’t going to finance us, the passive Christians aren’t going to support us, the pessimists and the prophecy teachers aren’t going to support us BUT  those with hearing ears and eyes to see WILL.  I believe that is you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Please pray and think outside the box about what God might just say to you, as He is going to release creativity to empower you to propel us.

God has been giving me Isaiah 26 for all of us in this hour.  Isaac sowed seed into land in the time of famine ( drought/devastation) and the Lord blessed him. I am heralding a word that we must strategically prepare like Joseph AND sow like Isaac. We sow into the most revelatory Kingdom focused wineskins and there we redig the wells of our fathers.

You can give securely online at www.rallycall.net OR simply drop a check in the mail to Rally Call Ministries PO BOX 954 San Marcos, Texas78667

Now more than ever. Now more than ever. Now more than ever.

Bob Long


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